Giving back to the community is important to many members of Roofers Local 23. Our members, whether in good times or bad, recognize the need to help other individuals and organizations that face economic or physical difficulties. Local 23 has partnered with “Rebuilding Together” in St. Joesph county for over 20 years.

Union Roofers and Waterproofers Local 23 are highly skilled in our trade—even beginning apprentices have specialized knowledge that can be put to use for the greater good. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find Local 23 members sacrificing a weekend to replace the roof on the elderly, disabled or Veterans’ homes, partake in a community-wide service event, or just help out a union brother or sister who is in need.

Local 23 Projects

Camp Millhouse


A local not-for-profit charity that cares for the mentally & physically disabled in South Bend, IN. Many local 23 members have volunteered their time in the installation of several roofs for this community, and continue to provide required roofing maintenance at no cost to the organization.